Our Cruiser policies ensure you are fully covered in the event of an accident. We provide Quality Fully Comprehensive cover from Quality Insures, Insurance-4-Boats can cater for all usage and all budgets.

We can cover Yacht and Motor Boats usually up to 30 years old with no survey required, benefits of our Cruiser Motor Boat policies include:

  • £3 Million Liability cover for you and any person navigating or in charge of your vessel with your permission
  • £3 Million Water Skiing and Water toys liability (if required)
  • Agreed Value policy
  • Theft cover
  • Transit Cover (for vessels under 30 feet)
  • Underwater Damage cover to hull and engine(s) as standard
  • Dropping off or falling overboard of outboard motors
  • 12 Months in Commission (if required)
  • Cover for all risks of accidental, physical loss or damage to your vessel and the property described in your Certificate of Insurance "Agreed Value" insurance
  • If a claim arises while your vessel is moored at her home marina no excess will apply and you will not lose your no claims bonus
  • Personal accident cover for personal injuries or death for you and people on board your insured vessel

As you appreciate there are a few exclusions:

  • Loss, damage, liability or expense intentionally caused by or consented to by you or arising from unseaworthiness resulting by you
  • Cost of repairing any defect from a prior repair, alteration or maintenance work
  • Design or construction fault
  • Loss and damage caused by wear and tear and lack of reasonable maintenance
  • Loss and damage caused by insect, vermin, damp and marine life
  • Theft of insured gear and equipment unless it follows violent forcible entry into your vessel or place of storage
  • Theft of insured personal effects unless it follows violent forcible entry into the vessel or vehicle while in transit
  • Theft of your outboard motor unless it is secured to your vessel by an appropriate anti-theft device in addition to its normal method of attachment or violent forcible entry into the vessel or place of storage
  • Theft or loss of boats, such as dinghies or tenders, not permanently marked with the name of the parent vessel
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