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The vessel is well maintained and in good repair and adequately manned by competent crew and properly equipped and provisioned and in all respects in a condition to withstand the ordinary action of wind and waves without sustaining damage

Use of the Vessel is limited to the selection made at inception e.g Private & Pleasure Use only, Any other form of use must be referred to Us/Insurers for agreement prior to the commencement of such use.

Use for Private Pleasure purpose only i.e not used for Charter Hire or Reward or for any consideration of any kind

Transit cover within a marine policy only cover’s the actual boat itself, a marine policy does not cover the actual liabilities whilst the vessel is being towed which will/should be covered under a motor insurance policy.

Within a pre-agreed cruising area e.g Inland & Coastal Waters of the UK (up to 12 miles). If you intend to use the boat outside of this area you MUST advise us. Leaving your agreed cruising area without first advising us could prejudice your insurance cover

Your vessel may be used in your absence by other users with your agreement provided that it is kept in a seaworthy condition and that the user is competent, claims free and there is NO hire or reward involved

You must be 18 years of age or older to be able to buy a PIC/I4B Marine Insurance policy

This is the widest possible cover available and includes physical loss or damage to the vessel caused by any accident, theft or malicious acts. As with all insurance policies there are certain exclusions within the policy wordings which should always be read carefully.

This policy is designed for cover for boat owners in respect of liability cover only. It does not cover wreck recovery or help with salvage costs.

Liability covers you for your Legal Liability to Third Parties including Passengers for material damage or bodily injury or Illness caused by or arising in connection with the use of the vessel

The total sum insured should reflect the actual purchase price plus any improvements made or a written valuation whichever is greater.

All items purchased specifically for use with the vessel and those that are kept on the vessel at all times, including –Hull and Machinery inc the gear & equipment, Outboard Motors, Tender/Dinghies, Liferafts, Navigation Equipment and Personal Effects

Items of Personal nature brought aboard for use or in connection with the vessel which would not normally be sold with the vessel (such as Lifejackets, Water proofs) we are UNABLE to cover Fishing Rods and Reels and Tackle.

Cover you for your Legal Liability to and of Water Skiers caused by or arising in connection with use of the vessel, W Ski’s Being-Water Ski’s & wakeboards, Water Toys Being: Rubber Ringo’s & Banana’s etc

Laid up means the vessel is not ready and not in use for immediate use with all moveable gear and equipment locked in a cabin or removed from the vessel and stored ashore

This is the amount which you pay towards any claim which may occur

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